Alisson makes Roberto Firmino admission

Alisson makes Roberto Firmino admission

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson has revealed his delight at being able to play alongside fellow countryman Roberto Firmino.

Firmino is arguably the best forward in the Premier League, and has been an integral part in Liverpool’s dominance in world football over the last few seasons.

Alisson, of course, isn’t too shabby himself, and is rated by many as the best goalkeeper in the world. But in a recent interview with, the Brazilian told how honoured he is to be able to play alongside Firmino.

“It’s great to play alongside Bobby,” he said.

“I already knew him from the Selecao, I knew him from the impact he was having. He was in the Brazil squad before me.

“We then became teammates in the national team and we interacted a lot more during call-ups, at games and preparing for games.

“Then the opportunity to come to Liverpool came about and he was a very important influence in my choice.

“He spoke highly of the club, he spoke about the reality at the club and arriving here I could see it all to be true.

“Our families have become close as well, this is great for us. He’s a similar guy to me, he’s laid back and manages to be even more shy than me.

“It’s an honour for me. The word that defines our relationship is ‘honour’. It’s an honour to play alongside him.

“We’re a team that has been together for a long time and getting better each season, taking it up a level each season.”

It truly is a remarkable time to be a Liverpool fan at present, and the Brazilian duo are fine examples of why. It might be an honour for Alisson to play with Firmino, but it is certainly an honour for us all to watch the pair week in week out.