Can Karius convince Klopp he is the man?

Can Karius convince Klopp he is the man?

Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool FC, is reportedly looking to improve his options in terms of goal keepers. One of the candidates he is thinking about is Roma’s Alisson Ramses Becker; known better by fans as simply, Alisson.

The Lionel Messi of the goalkeeping world

According to Roma’s former goalkeeping coach, Roberto Negrisolo, the young Brazilian is the Lionel Messi of goalies. Negrisolo was instrumental in pinching the now 25-year-old from Brazilian club, Internacional. It is rumoured that the young goalkeeper is worth between £40 to £45-million, but the ex-Roma goalkeeper coach is adamant that he will fetch much, much more.

Alisson dazzles for Roma

Alison moved from Internacional to Roma in 2016 for the princely sum of £7.2-million. However, he only featured in Roma’s Europa League campaign. But when 1st-choice goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny was transferred to Juventus last summer, Alison stepped up to take his chance; and take it he did.

Some dazzling performances have played a big part in Roma’s qualifying for a Champions League position.

Karius steps up at Anfield

Back at Anfield, the future prospects of goalkeeper Simon Mignolet are in doubt. The former number two goalkeeper, the German, Loris Karius has taken his place and is set on making an impression on Jopp and the supporters. He has until the end of this season to do so.

There has been speculation that Liverpool would step forward and buy Alisson before the January transfer window closed. However, as we now know, it didn’t happen.

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In the meantime, Karius is determined to show Jurgen Klopp that there is no need to go looking for a new goalkeeper. Earlier on during the season, when Emile Haskey was interviewed on the subject of buying more players, amongst other things Heskey was of the opinion that Liverpool needed to sign four or five players.

This he said was needed to shore up Liverpool’s defence and give more strength in depth to the goalkeeper position. Karius also needs to get Heskey onside if he wants to quell talk of new keepers.

Keeping goal for top clubs is a tough life

Karius is philosophical about the pressures of guarding the goal for a big team like Liverpool. He says that goalkeepers at the smaller clubs are called into action more often whereas goalies for top clubs have to spend more time game-watching rather than cutting out crosses and making saves. When you are finally called into action, one mistake is all it takes, and the results can be catastrophic.

The problem is that Karius has come under criticism of late. If he wants to steady the ship and cancel out all talks of buying in new goalkeeping talent like Alisson, he is going to have to buck up his ideas and take his performance to the next level.

Alisson could be in demand at the end of the season

If things do not go well for the German goalie, Klopp may well then make advances with a view to getting Alisson on board. He is likely though to be facing some tough opposition from the likes of Juventus, Paris Saint Germain, and Real Madrid. Its bound to push the price up.