Does Liverpool Really Need A 80million Left-Winger?

Does Liverpool Really Need A 80million Left-Winger?

It is impossible to avoid transfer rumors that relates to Liverpool these days. The massive cash influx from the Coutinho deal allows Klopp’s side to buy almost anyone whom he feels will improve the current Anfield squad thus the constant references to the club.

Some lack substance though and are unlikely to materialize despite the fact that Coutinho has already left.

The most recent piece of news links Monaco’s Thomas Lemar to a move to Anfield. Two things worth talking about regarding this transfer:

Why would you spend £80million on a left winger when you have Sadio Mane?
Where would Lemar fit in if he does come to Anfield?

A plausible answer to the first question would be that Lemar will not play left-wing but will be moved to the center as an attacking midfielder – this is how he played his last 2 Monaco matches. The problem is he is 5 ft 6. That’s not something you want from a central attacking midfielder in the Premier League. He will not have the space to show off his speed and technique. He needs to play down the wing.

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The second question is more difficult to answer as it is very likely Klopp might have to change the formation which could lead to hurting the balance of the side.

Considering this, is Lemar worth the effort? Would he bring £80millions’ worth of goals, assists and chances? It`s very hard to tell. Liverpool fans have mixed feelings about this transfer as well plus the player has been heavily linked with a love to Arsenal. Tweets look split in half when it comes to for and against Lemar’s transfer.