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Ex United Star Ferdinand Reveals Who He Wants To Win The Premier League Title

Ex United Star Ferdinand Reveals Who He Wants To Win The Premier League Title

Rio Ferdinand says the battle between Liverpool and Manchester City for the Premier League title is the worst nightmare for a Manchester United fan and a former player such as himself.

The retired defender has been hearing from a lot of Reds fans recently, and he believes it would be easier to stomach if City won the league just so he doesn’t have to listen to them again:

“This is the worst possible scenario for someone that likes Man United, supports Man United and has played for Man United, and I’m a pundit that’s got to speak about it publicly and squirm and what not.”

“So the better of the two evils is Manchester City winning the league as I’ve seen it, I’ve been part of it. I’ve seen it as a player and a football fan so I’ve been able to deal with it emotionally. You turn everything off. There aren’t many Man City fans to have a go at me.”

“With Liverpool it’s a different story. There’s fans I didn’t even know supported Liverpool that have come back out of the woodwork after 20 years of being silent that are starting to speak before they’ve won anything so it’d be a lot more painful to see them win the league. But listen, the best team will win it and whoever that is well done.”

Ferdinand is not the only ex-United player to favour City over Liverpool in the title race. Gary Neville also thinks a win for their city rivals would be far easier to live with.

Thankfully, the title won’t be decided by either Ferdinand or Neville, but their former club could still have a say on whether the title ends up at Anfield or the Etihad.

The Manchester derby takes place at the end of April, and with it being at Old Trafford, United will be expected to perform, especially with them pursuing a top-four finish.