FSG Speak Out On What Fans Should Expect From Liverpool Ahead Of The Next Transfer Window

FSG Speak Out On What Fans Should Expect From Liverpool Ahead Of The Next Transfer Window

Liverpool and Fenway Sports Group chairman Tom Werner has confirmed that the global health crisis will have a major impact on the club’s ability to spend in the transfer market

Reports suggest that the next transfer window will run between August and October, but when asked whether supporters should expect any signings over the coming months, Werner was very cautious and rather cagey in his response:

“I would just say, you know, I was told early on about the importance of a virtuous circle, So it was very important when we came in that the commercial revenues of the club increased so we had financial stability.”

“And I think that, as everyone knows, we haven’t taken a pound out as a dividend because every pound we invest in future talent on the pitch. And in the short term, we are in a challenging situation because of COVID-19 and we’ve had a lot of conversations about how to manage through this challenging period.”

“We have a great squad and as you know we are investing in a new training ground and I just want to get through this period. I am terribly challenged by what is going on with the coronavirus, as is the world. My dream at the moment is to see Anfield filled with so many supporters and that sort is what I am thinking about today.”

Werner’s mention of the “Virtuous Circle” indicates that Liverpool will look to live within their means during the current crisis, which would rule out any lavish spending on new players.

It’s almost certain that any new recruits would have to come from the proceeds of sales but in a deflated market, with prices far lower than previous windows, the Reds may even look to keep players who are not first choice, in order to protect their assets ahead of a future rebound in their value.