Goalkeeping great backs Mignolet

Goalkeeping great backs Mignolet

Former goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel has praised Liverpool’s man between the sticks Simon Mignolet, saying he is a ‘really good goalkeeper’.

Mignolet has often been criticised whilst at Liverpool for some sloppy performances, and despite being Klopp’s first choice ‘keeper, there is often a strong case that Loris Karius should be put in as the No.1.

However, after a fine start to the season as goalkeeper, Schmeichel has praised Mignolet and said he is potentially very good. But the great Dane did admit his decision making must improve.

Asked by Jamie Carragher on Monday Night Football whether he thinks Mignolet is good enough to help Liverpool win the title, the former Manchester United stopper said:

“I think he is potentially very good.”

“He has had a really good season. Against Leicester he dropped the ball, but that is the only mistake he has made.”

“My problem for Simon has been that his decision-making at times has not been very good, and sometimes I feel he is a goalkeeper that, with the insecurity and criticism he is facing, he wants to show everyone that he is a good goalkeeper.”

“It looks like he has calmed down a little bit and Jurgen Klopp has told him ‘you’re my No 1, go and play as a No 1’ and he is now doing the job that he needs to do.”

“Whatever is coming his way he is dealing with and not getting into trouble with other players and trying to deal with stuff he shouldn’t deal with. I think he is a really good goalkeeper and just needs to calm down a little bit and once he does that…”

Schemichel won the league five times with Manchester United and is regarded by many as the finest goalkeeper ever.

“To win the title you need your goalkeeper to save you anything between 12-15 points,” he added.

“If you look throughout the history of the Premier League…you are conceding chances no matter how good you are and you will have games where it will be difficult.”
[Quotes via Sky Sports]