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‘He Ain’t Coming Back!!!! Move On’ ‘Don’t Believe Him’ Liverpool Fans React As Klopp Reveals Stance On Signing Midfielder

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed that the club will not be re-signing Philippe Coutinho this summer.

The Reds boss says that the money that Barca would demand for the Brazilian would rule the Merseyside club out of the running. He did admit, though, he’d be keen to have the 27-year-old back at Anfield if it were possible:

“In general, Phil Coutinho helps each team in the world, still – 100 per cent. It’s not about that. I like Phil, I think he’s a fantastic footballer and all that stuff, but it would be a big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big-money signing and it’s not our year for that. It’s just not possible. As I said, having him would make each team better – us included – but I really hope that he finds his luck at Barcelona.”

The comments led to a fierce debate on Twitter with some fans wanting to put the story to bed:

While other supporters are questioning the club’s ambition and lack of spending in the transfer market this summer:

Klopp’s comments do strike you as a bit odd. On the one hand, he appears keen to have the player back but then rules it out because of a lack of funds.

Liverpool received hundreds of millions from winning the Champions League and finishing second in the Premier League so where the money has gone is anyone’s guess.