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Jurgen Klopp makes worrying statement about his Liverpool future

Jurgen Klopp makes worrying statement about his Liverpool future

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has once again put doubt on his future at the club after comments about extending his stay.

The German has been outstanding as manager of the Reds so far, and arguably has the team playing the best football in their history. Therefore, his latest quotes about extending his say will have many fans nervous about what the future holds.

Having already had a contract renewal that keeps him at the club until 2022, Klopp has been linked with yet another extension, which the club hopes will tie him down for a lot longer. The German has previously managed both Mainz and Borussia Dortmund for seven years a piece – and it is hoped that he will remain at Anfield for longer than his contracted stay. However, with his previous of leaving clubs after seven years, 2022 could see him repeat that stat.

Last week, Klopp was quoted as saying he did not know what would happen “in two or three years”, casting doubt over his future. Now, his latest comments will do nothing to ease the worry for fans, as it seems the 52-year-old has his end of tenure in sight.

Asked if he would take some time off from football after managing Liverpool, Klopp told German sports magazine Kicker: “It looks like it. Who can now say if he can give it his all in three years’ time?

“If I decide for myself that I can’t go on any more, I’ll take a break and in that year I’d have to make a definite decision (over my career).

“I have absolute energy, but I have one problem; I can’t do ‘a little bit’. I can only do ‘all or nothing’.

“But the chances are very high that my energy levels will go up again (after a year’s break), and that I can then do the job the way I want to.”

It is a worrying thought that the German could depart Anfield in just three years, but it not all doom and gloom just yet. Klopp has had huge success at Liverpool, and clearly feels immersed in everything to do with the club. It certainly wouldn’t make sense for him to leave without winning a Premier League title, and by that time, he might have continued European domination with the club – making managing any club other than the Reds a downgrade. However, if you do fancy a punt on the German’s future whereabouts, check out this bet365 bonus code 2019 to get the best value odds around.

Comments such as these are often made to get a bigger contract, but it is still a worrying prospect for all involved at the club as Jurgen Klopp just does not seem like the type of manager to create a question mark over his future and by doing so whipping up a media storm which he and his team could well do without.

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