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Klopp angry at officials after draw

Klopp angry at officials after draw

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has once again hit out at officials after they denied his team a late victory over West Brom on Wednesday night.

Dominic Solanke scored late in the game at Anfield but was denied the goal due to hand-ball, something that looked quite intentional as he nudged in from Joe Gomez’s cross.

But Klopp, who might still not have recovered from the penalty decision which was awarded to Everton during their 1-1 draw in the Merseyside derby, was less than impressed with yet another decision which cost his side points.

Asked about the decision, Klopp told Sky Sports: “I don’t know. It’s twice deflected and I’m still not sure if it’s the hand on the ball. The boys have massive chests so it’s absolutely possible that he did it with the chest!

“If the arm is then involved, I don’t know, but there were two deflections. If this was in the other box [a potential penalty] there would still be discussions because it is twice deflected, and for sure not on purpose.

“It was not on purpose. So if there was a handball it just happened, and so obviously the linesman or whoever thought he saw it 100 per cent.

“And look, there will be a lot of points on the one side saying it was the right decision, and some on the other side, and we will not get it back, so for sure we cannot change it. You need in a game like this a little bit of luck, to score at the right moment, and obviously we didn’t have it.

“Must be a really good assistant that made the decision.

“He will be happy probably if there was a hand involved. That’s another moment where we had no luck, because if he doesn’t see it or he’s not sure as he obviously was it’s a goal.

“A lot of things around ref decisions feel not good for us in the moment, to be honest. So we had the ball all of the time but we had two offensive fouls before they had one foul. So it’s like… I don’t get it really, but obviously we cannot change anything.

“I told the ref after the game, three minutes [added on] in a game like this where there are six changes, time played from the first second from the opponent, and he said it was right.

“They can obviously do what they think is right in all of the different moments, and we have to accept it, that’s our life.”