Liverpool star embarrassed on American reality show

Liverpool star embarrassed on American reality show

Liverpool star Nathaniel Clyne has made a shock cameo appearance on American reality TV show ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Miami’ – however things didn’t go exactly to plan.

The England international has yet to feature for Liverpool this season after being sidelined mid-way through the previous campaign with injury.

Finding other ways to fill his time whilst out – Clyne took some time to travel to America to make a cameo on the popular VH1 show.

‘Love & Hip-Hop: Miami’ focuses on the lives of a number of Florida based musicians and performers, and has included famous faces such as J. Cole, Ray J and Cardi B in recent episodes.

Clyne – or ‘Clynie’ – as he was introduced however, didn’t have the warm reception he would have hoped for.

Clyne is first introduced (wrongly) music promoter Prince – real name Christopher Michael Harty – who expresses his delight at having an ‘international soccer superstar’ with him, before it cuts to a scene of the two sharing conversation over a drink in a bar.

Clyne’s moment of fame was then cut short sooner than he would have perhaps hoped when another character, DJ Michelle Pooch, comes over.

Pooch, unimpressed by Clyne, then puts her hand on his shoulder and commands him to ‘take a walk’, pushing him out of the conversation – leaving the England star to shrink lost into the background.

At least he – quite literally – got his 15 seconds of fame. Next stop, Jersey Shore?