Philippe Coutinho Saga Continues As Nike Involvement Causes More Drama

Philippe Coutinho Saga Continues As Nike Involvement Causes More Drama

It`s harder and harder to predict what will happen next when it comes to Philippe Coutinho. The latest update looks to provide a positive outcome on the entire story behind his move to Barcelona. The Brazilian was included in the club’s calendar for 2018 which might look like a response to the whole Nike blunder. Check out the bottom of the article for a reminder.

On the other hand, one might imagine that making a calendar takes more than 1 day, meaning that the photo shoot was done prior to the Nike post in which they were advertising Barcelona shirts that could have Coutinho’s name on them.

Klopp also contributed to calming the press a bit after saying “I couldn’t be less interested in anything in the world but somebody told me and I thought ‘wow’.” As reported by The Guardian, the German boss is focused on getting results from Coutinho who is under tremendous amounts of pressure right now.  

It is a known practice to see giants like Nike pull publicity stunts like these so Klopp was right not to waste his time on explaining or going after such nonsense. His energy needs to be directed elsewhere – towards his players.  

Despite dropping Coutinho from the game against Burnley for minor health reasons, Klopp seems to be handling the situation pretty well. The Brazilian is scoring and playing great. He has full support from his teammates as seen in previous post-match interviews and will very likely stay just as productive after all this fades away. 

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One other piece of news that might calm Liverpool fans even more is that Lionel Messi reportedly requested to have Dele Alli transferred to Camp Nou. It is complicated to predict on which position he would be required to play but it is very likely he would take on a coordinating role similar to what Coutinho would get if he signs with Barcelona. Some say the Brazillian would replace Neymar down the wing but it is more likely he would take on a role of the number 10 – he would do a lot of damage there.  

If what rumors say and Dele Alli is Messi’s favorite, Liverpool fans should be at peace as the Brazilian will continue playing at Anfield where he actually belongs.

Have a look at how fans reacted to the whole Nike deal on Twitter and how the Calendar seems wide of the mark if you believe what the Liverpool manager has been saying.

As we know the sale of Philippe Coutinho would send shock waves through the Premier League as the price alone of such a deal will effect the prices of players that rivals Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Spurs would likely have to pay in the future.