‘Spare Me The Tears’ Collymore Slams Liverpool Fans For Getting Worked Up Over Werner Transfer

‘Spare Me The Tears’ Collymore Slams Liverpool Fans For Getting Worked Up Over Werner Transfer

Stan Collymore has questioned why Reds supporters are so upset about losing out to Chelsea for RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner.

The former Liverpool forward feels that there was no guarantee that the German international would have been a success at Anfield, raising doubts over whether he’d be capable of breaking into the first team:

“Liverpool fans sobbing about missing out on him can spare me the tears because he’s not Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo and the way some have reacted, you’d be forgiven for thinking he was some sort of reincarnation of both.”

“Liverpool are the European champions, world champions and soon-to-be Premier League champions, and there would be massive pressure on him as the summer’s marquee signing at Anfield on the back of all that.”

“Add in the fact that Liverpool already have arguably the best-balanced front three in the world and I’m struggling to see where Werner would have fitted in. I wouldn’t have seen him displacing any of them and, given everything that team has done together, I could even have seen him flopping.”

The biggest frustration for supporters is not necessarily that they missed out on Werner specifically, but that the club’s owners ruled out the transfer based on purely financial considerations.

Manager Jurgen Klopp was clearly keen to have the 24-year-old at the club and there have to be questions asked as to why the deal was not sanctioned.

While Liverpool will still have a strong squad without Werner, as Collymore points out, dominance is only maintained if you keep on improving your squad; something which the Reds have failed to do over the last couple of transfer windows.