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Wright Explains Why Liverpool Are The Favourites To Land Kylian Mbappe

Wright Explains Why Liverpool Are The Favourites To Land Kylian Mbappe

Liverpool have been linked with Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappe for a fair while, although it must be said any switch to Anfield is highly unlikely due to the astronomical transfer fee it would cost to bring in the 21-year-old.

It hasn’t stopped stories being written about the Frenchman possibly moving to the Reds, and BBC pundit Ian Wright has now added further fuel to the fire by outlining why the Merseysiders would be favourites to snap up the World Cup winner if he were to move to England.

The Arsenal legend explains that the legacy that Jurgen Klopp has built over the past four years makes Liverpool the firm favourites for Mbappe if he ever left PSG:

“You look at Mbappe looking across the way. You can probably see him coming across here. I’d probably want to go to Liverpool[ahead of City] right now. Any player in the world with Liverpool, especially this season…This has taken like four years where [Klopp] is now so you have to say that Liverpool are at the start of it now.”

“So if you’re a world class player you probably want to get there now because it seems to me, like we saw with Pep where he’s had two years of unbelievable football, but I feel that Liverpool are really getting ready to build something special. If I’m Mbappe, I probably am looking at Liverpool. Where else do you want to go, if you’re Mbappe now?”

It may be still a long shot but there’s no doubt that the Reds would be interested if Mbappe was available for the right price. That is a big ‘IF’ though, and supporters should probably be wise to keep their expectations low about a potential summer move.